Hey my name is Josh.

I'm a tattoo artist at I&I Tattoo.  I have been tattooing for 3 years and i love every second of it.  I have been around tattooing since I got my very first tattoo back at the age of 19.  I was instantly hooked and knew right then I needed to find a way to become a tattoo artist. 

I was always drawing as a child.  I used to draw all sorts of things and even created my own comic books.  I loved to draw and when I first got tattooed it all clicked for me.  I wanted to be a part of the tattoo world and would do whatever it took to do so.  For 10 years I had worked very hard at many many different jobs before I was able to fully commit to learning the art of tattooing and I haven't looked back.


I believe in being creative in whatever you do.  I am constantly inspired in so many ways.  I love talking to people and working with their ideas to help create original tattoos.  I also am very passionate about creating my own art and being able to put it on someone forever.  But seriously, regardless of whether it is my original artwork or an idea a costumer has brought in, every time I tattoo is pure excitement and enjoyment.  With each tattoo I still can't  believe I get to tattoo.  It has been a dream become reality.